Audi Leasing

Want a premium brand with an emphasis on quality and technology? Then Audi is a difficult maker to ignore. Traditionally, the company’s core models are the A3 premium family hatch model (first launched in 1996), the A4 premium D-segment contender (first launched in 1995), the A6 full-sized Executive E-segment model (first launched in 1994) and the A8 full-sized luxury saloon (also first launched in 1994). Over the last 25 years though, the marque’s activities have expanded into a wider range of new market segments, with Audi lease operations being an important part of the company’s business.

If you’re considering Audi finance deals and want a very compact car, you may well want to start your search with the brand’s A1 premium supermini, offered in 3-door and Sportback forms. This slots in below the A3 premium family hatch, a model now offered not only in 3-door and Sportback guises but also as a Saloon and a Cabriolet. A favourite amongst those in search of an Audi business lease is the A4 premium D-segment model, which comes as a saloon and an Avant estate, as does the A6 E-segment full-Executive class contender. Above that sits the luxurious boardroom-sized A8 saloon.

Audi finance experts have found that SUVs are a growing area for the brand, starting with the Q2 Crossover, then expanding through Q3 and Q5 models to the large 7-seater Q7. Sportscars include the TT, offered as either a coupe or a Roadster. And the R8 supercar, offered in Coupe and Spyder forms.

Audi A3

Prices starting from
£224 pcm (inc. VAT)

Audi A1

Prices starting from
£233 pcm (inc. VAT)

Audi Q2

Prices starting from
£303 pcm (inc. VAT)

Audi A6

Prices starting from
£348 pcm (inc. VAT)

Audi Q5

Prices starting from
£395 pcm (inc. VAT)

Audi A7

Prices starting from
£540 pcm (inc. VAT)

Audi Q7

Prices starting from
£606 pcm (inc. VAT)

Audi Q8

Prices starting from
£704 pcm (inc. VAT)

Audi A8

Prices starting from
£857 pcm (inc. VAT)

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