Fuel Cards

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Want greater control over fuel spend? Say goodbye to paper receipts and late expense claims! Our fuel card service will provide you with greater control, allowing you track and analyse driver fuel spend helping you to drive down fuel costs. 

What are the benefits? 

  • Reduced costs with the LeasePlan fuel card, we can offer savings vs the pump price
  • Direct payment no need for drivers to claim expenses and pay for fuel out of their own pocket, a central invoice comes straight to you
  • Large network giving your drivers access to over  2,500 fuel stations  
  • Accurate data at your fingertips allowing you to analyse fuel spend and identify savings 
  • Reduced administration without the need to locate and process paper receipts 
  • Flexible plans allow your drivers to include non fuel items such as car washes, oil and food if you wish
  • Reduce fraud by assigning a fuel card to a specific vehicle registration number and/or driver
  • Online invoicing enabling you manage your fuel card invoices electronically 
  • Online control access online forms that enable you to block, cancel order or replace cards at your convenience 
  • Online reporting accurate data at your fingertips allowing you to analyse fuel spend and identify savings and set up automated reports sent you via email

Enhanced security 

We have a variety of controls set up that help safeguard your exposure to fraudulent fuel activity. We monitor fuel card usage and if we suspect that there are any unusual purchases we’ll send you an email alter, please note you will need to set this feature up. You can also assign a fuel card to a specific vehicle registration number to provide you with even greater protection. 

Lost or stolen cards 

Not to worry if a fuel card has been lost or stolen, you or your driver can call dedicated fuel card line 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to report a lost or stolen card. 

Want to find out more?

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