End of contract

When it comes to the end of your commercial van leasing contract with us, you’ll benefit from a bespoke service.

What happens at the end of my van lease?

  • You can discuss the renewal process with our specialist business contract hire team to ensure a smooth transition between your new and old lease vans, so there’s no disruption to your business.
  • You could also benefit from ‘2nd lifecycle’ opportunities that allow you to re-use any ancillary equipment.
  • If you need to keep your current van lease while your new vehicle is getting ready, that’s fine – we offer a ‘key for key’ exchange option.
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End of contract charges

  • We recognise that commercial vehicles are not cars. As such we don’t expect them to come back in pristine condition.

    We take this into account when it comes to end of contract damage charges.
  • Over time we have worked with our customers to develop a fairer approach for assessing damage and residual value.
  • We will carry out a careful appraisal of the vehicle’s condition and value in accordance with our commercial vehicle Fair Wear and Tear policy.
  • Any damage to your current leased van will be calculated so that the repayment is fair to you.
  • If you have 10 or more vehicles and 75% or more of your leases are already managed by us, you automatically qualify for our Fleet Pro service. This provides you with a range of benefits to save you money, including an increase on your End of Contract Damage waiver to £500, meaning you pay nothing if the damage costs less than that to repair.

If you would like to know more or have any questions about our end of life procedure, call our vehicle and leasing experts today on 0345 408 4047.

... amazing service ... will recommend you guys again and again!!

Fair wear and tear guide

This guide lays out the condition that you are expected to return your van in at the end of your contract.

Ordering your vehicle

  • Extensive range of makes & models
  • Fit for purpose vehicles
  • Bespoke racking and livery

In life services

  • Access to an expansive maintenance network
  • Accident management just a phone call away
  • Mobile tyre fitting as standard

End of contract

  • Bespoke end of contract van process
  • Proactive renewal management
  • Flexible return dates, with extensions possible