Subaru Leasing

The company car is something that the vast majority of businesses, no matter what industry they're in, have to consider at some point. A leasing package is usually the best course of action for most brands, but how do they know they're getting the right car for them at the right price?

LeasePlan's personable team of automotive professionals work in a transparent manner to make sure that companies invest in the right car that's best suited to their needs. Subaru is a popular choice with brands that need to lease a car, whether they're clients based in the city or rural businesses looking for something to help them manage tough terrain.

Subaru business contract hire is an affordable way to get access to the manufacturer's incredible list of cars. The right Subaru business leasing package is an excellent way to invest in a strong SUV, such as the Subaru Forester, or a smaller, sportier model such as the Subaru BRZ.

Subaru Impreza

Prices starting from
£372 pcm (ex. VAT)

Subaru XV

Prices starting from
£394 pcm (ex. VAT)

Subaru BRZ

Prices starting from
£434 pcm (ex. VAT)

Subaru Forester

Prices starting from
£465 pcm (ex. VAT)

Subaru Levorg

Prices starting from
£479 pcm (ex. VAT)

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