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Fiat Van Leasing

Fiat Professional claims to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for business users with a rejuvenated range of commercial vehicles covering almost every conceivable business need. The most recent addition to the range is the tough Fullback pick-up. Powered by a rugged 2.5-litre diesel, it can take a payload of up to 1,045kgs and tow up to 3,100kg. As for vans, well the company has recently updated its smallest offering, the Fiorino. Here, there’s a usefully-sized 2.5m3 load volume to play with and a payload capacity of up to 610kg. That volume can be increased by means of an optional folding Multi Flex passenger seat which flops down to increase capacity to 2.8m3.


If you need more room than that but still want a compact van, you’ll be directed towards the company’s Doblo Cargo model.  Here, out back, you've a choice of loading capacities that can be anything from 3.4 to 5.0m2, depending on the model you choose. And payloads of between 750kgs and one tonne. A new arrival in Fiat’s LCV line-up is its mid-sized offering, the Talento. Here, the load volume is rated at 5.2m3 in short wheelbase models, 6m3 in long wheelbase versions and a generous 8.6m3 in the long wheelbase high-roof derivative. This means that the Talento, even in the short wheelbase trim level, is capable of carrying three Euro pallets and, depending on the version, a payload of up to 1,249 kg with a GVW of up to 3,060kg. Finally, if you need a really large Fiat van, there’s the Ducato model. Here you get a choice of eight different load volumes, ranging from 8 to 17 m3, across four lengths, three wheelbases and three heights, with payloads of between 800 and 2,100kg.




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