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Business Contract Hire

If you're looking to perfect your business's car leasing services, opting for Business Contract Hire may be the best option for you. Also known as business leasing, this is a vehicle funding method that allows your business to access brand new cars and vans for a fixed monthly rental. It’s important to understand that when you're considering Business Contract Hire, you're buying a fixed priced service, not a car, so the quality of back up facilities is just as important as the price.

We have a variety of fleet management services available including a service and maintenance package, accident management, short term vehicle hire and driving licence checking to give you peace of mind when it comes to your fleet operation.

Road Fund Licence and LeasePlan Assist, our European breakdown recovery service, are included as standard with a monthly business lease rental fee.

We've created two types documents to help you get a better understanding of how it works. For the basics like what's included and what's not, please see our three pager factsheet, which can be opened by clicking here.
For a full detailed breakdown of Business Contract Hire, then please see our product guide, which can be opened by clicking here

Why Business leasing is attractive

  • A fixed monthly rental enabling you to budget and plan your business finances
  • Service and maintenance optional package offering peace of mind
  • Wide range of manufacturers and models for you to choose from
  • Tailored contracts select the length of the business lease contract and annual mileage to best suit your business needs
  • Flexibility to amend the term and mileage of the contract during an agreement
  • The initial payment can be as little as one month
  • Access to brand new vehicles every two to five years to enhance your corporate image
  • Expertise and guidance provided by our vehicle and leasing experts
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